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30 October 1989
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I'm a overly obsessed Arashi fangirl!Its entirely possible I've moved past obsessed...

I am in love with this baka (my ichiban)!
(he will one day be the cause of my death X_X!)

and Oh-chan could quite possibly have the cutest sneeze ever (my niban)

I've been an Arashian for 10 year , but it feels like I've been with them my whole life. Admittedly I am total Jun-bait (thanks to Hanadan my life will never be the same again). I plan on using this to blog about my fangirl-ing escapades~.
Other than Arashi I'm also addicted to Asian cinema. Especially dramas. My favorites include Jdramas, but I also love Kdramas and Twdramas.

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